IMG_6546.JPGHello, I’m Emily and two words sum up my life completely: food and family. I grew up in rural Northern Ontario (Canada) to a large family of second generation Italians who all loved cooking, eating and spending time together. My dad likes to say that when we’re all together that ‘everybody’s yelling but nobody’s angry’. Now a mom/mum myself, living in England, my life still revolves completely around food and family – and thank goodness for that.

Lately, we’ve welcomed another little oneĀ into our family and its introduced some challenges in terms of time and mental capacity for me. So I’ve had to work even harder to think of delicious, healthy-ish, child-proof dinners, and to grocery shop efficiently. As a result I’ve got a good database of meals, foods, cookbooks, tips that I’d like to share – hopefully helping out other moms in similar situations. And I’d also like to invite you along on my mission to seek out the best recipes for every occasion (but usually just for dinner), and the best way to enjoy family and food as much as possible.