Dinner Dud

Yesterday I made a dud of a dinner. If it were a ship it would have sunk faster than the Titanic. If it were a balloon, it would have popped as you were blowing it up. Thumbs down.

It’s taken a whole 24 hours to process the trauma of making said dinner and then forcing my entire family to eat it. This post will be the last I think of it – demons exercised.

By all accounts it should have been really nice. A new recipe for a soup that had lots of roasted vegetables in it. Sounds good. Ok, but I’ve not got any red peppers, just yellow…I’m sure they’ll be fine. And I’ve only got two tomatoes, not four…I’m sure that won’t matter. The big red flag that I should have caught was the amount of eggplant/aubergine in the recipe. If you know me, you know that I detest aubergine. It’s not nice. And if you want to make it even somewhat palatable you have to treat it a million different ways first. So I usually steer clear. But not last night. Last night I was trying to challenge myself. So in went 3 aubergines. :/

To add insult to injury I actually half-made the dinner on Sunday night so that my job would be so much easier on Monday evening (when both the kids would be circling the drain, and my ankles). And so come Monday night I’m all pleased with myself: beating the system, making my family a nutritious, vegetarian dinner in no-time at all, and it’ll be oh-so amazing…

First clue was that it was an unappealing colour: kind of yellowy-brown. It didn’t blend all that smooth either, so it was a bit lumpy. And I, as per the instructions, added some butter beans after the soup was blended. But something about that just didn’t work (picture brown soup with small lumps and surprise big ones too).

Any-who, you can guess what happened. Toddler cried when I insisted she finish it. Baby literally regurgitated every spoonful. Husband dutifully ate it up to set a good example, but I could tell he was working really hard to get through the whole bowl. [This is the man who made me a salad in university with a soy-sauce and vanilla dressing, and who ate it all himself after I refused. So I know he’s got a strong constitution for iffy food.] I also ate my allotted portion, mostly in an act of spite towards my children and passive aggression towards the soup.

And then the big pot of it sat on the stove all evening. Husband and I usually deal with leftovers before we head up to bed, but neither of us wanted to address the great big yellowy-brown elephant in the room. So we left it there. And here’s why: usually soup covers two dinners or a dinner/lunch combo or the leftovers are frozen as a future meal. But we both knew…no one wanted to eat it again. And so today, after having gone through all stages of grief (at having failed at dinner) I poured it into the food recycling. Maybe some nice pigs will benefit from my kitchen failings.

Tonight I forgive myself. These things happen. I can’t control everything…even in the kitchen. And I have learned from this mistake:

  1. Aubergine is horrid. This I know.
  2. Blended soup is always going to play second fiddle to chunky soup in my books. Husband and I do not agree on this point. He can take over making more blended soups if he wants them…
  3. If dinner is cr*p, eat something else. Eating a bad dinner after having made something gross is adding insult to injury. You should at least eat something nice after a long day of saying ‘no’ in various guises to several tiny people.

Perfection is overrated, eh? x


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  1. Rhys Lewis says:

    Hi Em

    That wasn’t a failure. You learn’t a lot from the excerise like “that whole recipe just didn’t work”, bin it. I’d have loved to have seen the girls faces when they were presented with the soup and listen to both yours and Hywel’s efforts to try to persuade them that it was actually really good.

    All credit to you for admitting your preceived failure and putting together such a lovely story around the episode.




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    1. Thanks Rhys. x
      We can learn from every experience, can’t we? The girls learned not to test me when in a foul mood because of foul dinner! 😉


  2. Fiona Harrower says:

    Hi Emily, Enjoyed reading this with your Mom. X

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Looks amazing over there! I’m dreaming of sun and looking at a blanket of grey in the sky… 😦
      Happy Belated Birthday! Such a special place to celebrate! x


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