Must remember this one…

This blog is new. But the idea of keeping a scrapbook of all the recipes I love is something I’ve kept up since I moved away from home. My paper recipe book is pretty tatty now. Lots of little scraps of paper dangling out, the elastic meant to bind it all together has basically given up, and all the recipes I’ve returned to time-and-again are covered in their component parts (banana bread is particularly brown).

I still use my paper recipe book, but Pinterest has usurped it in a big way. Mostly because it’s so neat, it’s so tidy…nothing gets crumpled and hidden or┬ámelts away into thin-air when I need it most (!!!!). Also because when I’m dreaming up dinners for the week I turn to the internet for inspiration. I’ve got my favourite websites, but sometimes I’ll be craving tacos, and a quick search finds me a recipe that’s had lots of good reviews and that looks easy enough to do.

Trial-and-error has found me a lot of really great recipes…now all conveniently and beautifully arranged on my Pinterest page, which you can visit here.

I hope not to revisit many of these through the blog. Because part of the point of this all is to find new recipes together. Or even just to steer you away from terrible ones! So please use it as your own personal resource. And let me know if you love these recipes as much as I do!


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