Why we’re here

My husband likes to describe me as ‘traditional’. I choose to take that as I’m a bit ‘old-fashioned’ in the modern sense. And I think this mostly centres around my fixation on spending time in the kitchen. I love making meals for my family that are [mostly] healthy, delicious and home-made. I love trying new techniques, ingredients, and tools in the kitchen to see if I can master something new.

I am traditional – in a way -but I see it more as a passion. I love being in the kitchen – it is my room in the house. Everything is organised the way I like it, it’s always clean (if I was the last in there…), and everything makes sense. It’s a place where I get to exercise my creative side and see immediate results. Not just for me, but for my husband and kids. Feeding others makes me happy – something I clearly inherited from my Italian family.

And now, because I’m so time poor, I’m finding less time to feed others (aside from my little family unit). So what I’ve turned to is sharing with my friends, family and colleagues recipes that I’ve tried and loved. Some of the recipes come from the family archives, others are brand new from a magazine, book, website, or blog. And so the idea for this blog came into my mind. I’d love to share my food experiences, recipes, and advice with others and be more efficient about it. And if I can help out some of you who feel lost in the kitchen, feel stuck in a rut, or have a family to feed and are struggling, then all the better.

Welcome. Cook with me. And share your favourite recipes – I’d love to add them to my cherished collection.



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