Dinner Dud

Yesterday I made a dud of a dinner. If it were a ship it would have sunk faster than the Titanic. If it were a balloon, it would have popped as you were blowing it up. Thumbs down.


Happy cook. Good food.

I grew up in the extremely fortunate position of eating amazing food from my grandparents, dad’s shop, and mom and that’s absolutely what set me on my own food journey. Which leads me to lasagna. The bar has been set pretty high.

Lists + Food = Heaven

Lists have always held a place in my heart – so efficient, so clean, and so beautiful when you’re able to cross something off. The food shopping list is tops because food, it seems, keeps my family happy and alive. Who knew?

It’s Autumn and I’m craving…

Autumn is my favourite season. I think it every year, but then by the time spring comes around my favour is swayed by the warm weather and prospect of sun.

Perfectly Imperfect

Bread. I absolutely adore the stuff. I would happily live off of crusty bread and butter.


Here’s a quick run-down of where I go to find new recipes, and some I’ve tried/revisited lately that I think you should try too.

Must remember this one…

This blog is new. But the idea of keeping a scrapbook of all the recipes I love is something I’ve kept up since I moved away from home.

Why we’re here

My husband likes to describe me as ‘traditional’. What I think he means by this is that I’m a bit ‘old-fashioned’ in the modern sense…